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Growth Luxury Homes – Overview

Growth Luxury Homes conceives, designs, and builds next generation bespoke ultra-luxury homes. Bristling with technology and bathed in comfort, these über-residences are breaking the mold with revolutionary construction methods and intuitive futuristic home automation systems that have thoroughly upset the industry and pointed it into a new, exciting, and sustainable direction.

The exquisite elegance of its designs, a well-established GLH hallmark, is complemented – not compromised – by an integrated suite of intelligent systems that maximize energy efficiency, create a healthy indoor environment, and absorb – without prompting or user input – the occupants’ lifestyle to ensure a perfect domestic atmosphere 24/7. GLH made luxury living eminently sustainable with a minimized carbon footprint and full net-zero potential.

Growth Construction / Progressive Construction – Overview

With a roster of clients that reads like a veritable who’s who of the Fortune 500, Progressive Construction / Growth Construction is a premier general contracting and construction management company that take professional pride in delivering tailored innovative solutions to projects of all shapes and sizes.

Fielding teams of experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to providing a premier service that leaves an impression – and a built quality fit for the ages – Progressive Construction / Growth Construction was founded in 1993 and has helped reshape America ever since.

The company is proud to have cemented solid and lasting relationships with its clients based on its unwavering commitment to quality and service. Past and current clients include the Four Seasons Hotel, Trump International Hotel & Tower, Ashbury Capital, JP Morgan Chase, the Lombardy Hotel, and the New York Public Library, amongst many others.

The construction arm of Growth Holdings traces its origins to the late 1990s when the company’s founder helped built the iconic twin-towered Palms Casino Resort of Las Vegas. Since those early days, the company has undertaken a number of vast construction projects, including a $1.2 billion mixed-use development in Houston.

Growth Luxury Homes – The Luxury of Care

GLH custom homes are equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors, processors, and purifiers that continuously monitor indoor air quality and filter out even the most microscopic airborne matter, including hazardous ultrafine particles which can penetrate the deepest parts of the lungs.

The sensors are connected to the Otonomus Health Engine, a central processor powered by artificial intelligence, that analyzes the data received, determines a response, and sends the appropriate commands to the actual air purification system.

Indoor air quality seldom enters the domestic equation. However, even in the most minute quantities, radon and traces of other toxic and noxious elements are harmful. The Otonomus Health Engine also controls moisture levels and a venting system that quietly refreshes the air constantly. Additionally, the intelligent home includes a fully automated pest management system and can detect and correct the presence of air borne pollen.

For people with asthma and other respiratory conditions, the intelligent home offers a quantum improvement in the quality and enjoyment of life.


Vibrant Reality

An exceptional property at an exceptional location needs an exceptional broker. Vibrant Reality is such a broker: Sophisticated, efficient, experienced, and professional – delivered with a new-world smile and old-world courtesy.

Serving Southern Nevada, Vibrant Reality is an award-winning residential and commercial real estate brokerage with a seasoned management team geared to exceed client expectations. Vibrant Reality also offers bespoke business brokerage services.

Appleton Properties

Proudly carrying forwards its rock-solid reputation for investing in commercial projects that combine glamour, scale, and profitability, Appleton Properties reaffirms year after year its status as one of Las Vegas most successful privately-owned real estate investment companies – and, indeed, a leader of the sector west of the Mississippi.

Appleton Properties can trace it origins – and the kernel of its growth – to the 2008 slump in the real estate market which allowed the company to acquire a sizeable portfolio of distressed properties. In the years that followed, Appleton Properties diversified into the commercial real estate market where its knack for sourcing, leveraging, developing, and cashing opportunities delivered stellar results in addition to an enviable reputation for efficiency and excellence in the execution of projects and the completion of transactions.

Z Leb Group

The Z Leb Group is company that, amongst others, invests in land development and up-market custom residential projects. The company has sizeable projects and holdings in Japan.

Growth Houston

Growth Houston is a developer of multifamily apartments and complexes in the Greater Houston area. Growth Holdings Houston and Growth Holdings New Houston are investment funds specialized in identifying and seizing real estate opportunities.