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Otonomus match the convenience and comfort of your home and take the sting out of the travel experience at Otonomus Hotels – and enjoy the very best of both worlds. Otonomus Hotels welcome you home in a fully personalized setting that intuitively adjusts to your lifestyle and caters to all your preferences with an absolute minimum of user-input. A hotel that not just remembers you, but actually knows you – and is always prepared to welcome you. At Growth Holdings, there is an overlap between hospitality and technology. As is the common denominator of all Growth Holdings companies, the goal is to make technology holistic and intuitive – as in self-learning and non-intrusive. This objective has been attained with the intelligent custom homes, conceived, developed, and built by Growth Luxury Homes in partnership with Tesla. The same technology, and philosophy, is now being applied to the hospitality sector via the Otonomus brand of concept hotels.