Phillipe Ziade

In just twenty years, Philippe Ziade founded over 60 companies that, bundled in Growth Holdings, shape and sustain his vision of a leap in sustainability propelled by next-generation technology. Ziade builds success on exploring synergies and leveraging the scale and efficiency that follow.
Ziade excels in countercyclical investing. Whilst others headed for the exit, he saw opportunity in the 2008 financial crisis and boldly entered the real estate market to seize the moment – and secure a windfall.
That same year, Ziade broke ground on a $1.2 billion mixed-use development in Houston after the city had been devastated by Hurricane Ike. Ziade’s companies were also engaged in the constructions of the iconic Palms Casino Resort, just off the Las Vegas Strip, at the time one of the largest such projects in the world.
Ziade’s dedication to efficiency, and determination not to cut corners in the process, gives his companies a distinct and decisive competitive advantage. In barely twenty years, Ziade has become one of Nevada’s most respected and celebrated entrepreneurs, as well as a pillar of the local community. A corporate concert master, Ziade excels in setting a beat that resonates with all stakeholders, pointedly including the wider society.