Growth Holdings

A robust company comprised with the industries leading problem solvers, partners, and pioneers, with collective objectives to generate solid returns during current financial times, aided by its unique approach to investing: It recognizes value, or its potential, where others cannot.

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Billion in Portfolio & Investments
Companies in Real Estate, Investment, Construction, Entertainment & Technology
Million in Sales Volume in 2018
Years of Collective Experience
Projects in 2018


Inspired by progress. It is our initiative to act on areas of our industries in need of improvement. Our goal is to take a proactive approach to create new value and to become the leader in our respective space. In changing for the best, value is created for our companies and the surrounding communities. This commitment to change in the face of great odds extends to every facet of the business model: Employees’ entrepreneurial behavior, leading by example, and practical risk-taking are encouraged and rewarded, fostering an atmosphere of respect and empowerment for everyone. And while the company values its accomplished history and track record, continuing transparency and efficiency are of equal importance.

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We currently operate and conduct business in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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Growth Holdings LLC, 8890 Spanish Ridge Ave Las Vegas, NV 89148


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